Far & Away Best in Central Pa

I’ve lived in NYC and had some really good pizza and Palumbo’s comes the closest of any pizza joint. Crispy crust. Not too much dough. Great toppings. I strongly recommend trying their Grandma pizza, the White pizza or any of the gourmets for that matter. One slice is enough for an average person, too….

Best Pizza Anywhere

Wow, what a great place to get food! Finally, a Mechanicsburg landmark we can be proud of. They have great food, great service, large variety, reasonable prices, and everything is made in house. It’s the best place to go if you want a quick bite to eat in Mechanicsburg. Pizza, Stromboli, Subs, Sandwiches, Salads, Dinners. They’re even open 7 days a week!

Best Pizza in Mechanicsburg or 717!

Seriously moved here about 5 years ago from NYC and good pizza in this area is hard to find. I am an honest reviewer of business, will always tell you my experience and what I think. I will always tell you to try it for yourself, but this, the food at Palumbo’s is wonderful! I myself have NEVER had a thing there that I didn’t like. Now a days it’s hard to please every one, but over all they come close. If you haven’t tried it, make the effort to go in there day or night Oh I have noticed that some people have commented that it is a great after sport place to take the kids. They’re right! They have a big seperate diningroom you can reserve for any event. My kid had a soccer party there and it went great. You can sit in there and see how they really do know their clientele. People walk in and they remember people by name, have their “usual” already cooking. Over all love the food, and like one person said on here “the professionalism” too is great.

Awesome, Fresh, Delicious

We were on our way to the theater (DigiPlex Cinema Center). Calzone and Grandma pizza were fantastic, fresh and fast. We ordered slices which were recently prepared, and they were quickly warmed in the pizza oven. Great care is taken with the dough prep, watched 3 guys shape and roll trays of dough. Lots of pride and professionalism here, and several recommendations from the locals we encountered. Do not be put off if you do not see diners inside, majority of the orders were pickups coming in one after another during our meal. Very suprising not to many people stayed to eat considering it was very clean, warm, welcoming inside, nothing fancy. Grandma pizza was amazing. Thanks guys!

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